ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems - deals with various aspects of environmental management. It provides a practical toolkit for companies and organizations seeking to identify and control their environmental impact and continually improve their environmental performance.

ISO 14001 sets the criteria for an environmental management system. It does not establish requirements for environmental performance, but outlines a framework that a company or organization can follow to establish an effective environmental management system. It can be used in any organization, regardless of the type of activity or industry. The use of ISO 14001 ensures that management and employees of the company, as well as external stakeholders, are constantly measuring and improving their environmental impact.

Benefits from using the international standard ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems:

✔️ Increase the profit of the enterprise using a well-built environmental management system;
✔️ Prevention and prevention of harmful effects on the environment from the activities of the enterprise;
✔️ Increase in the level of employment of personnel and increase in labor productivity in comparison with enterprises that do not have international certificates for management systems;
✔️ Savings in energy and material consumption;
✔️ Reduced resource allocation costs;
✔️ Improved image among inspectors, consumers and the public.

Top management can effectively address risks and opportunities by integrating environmental management into the organization's business processes, strategy and decision-making processes, aligning them with other business priorities, and by integrating environmental governance into the overall management system.

Demonstration of successful implementation of this International Standard can be used to assure interested parties that the organization has an effective environmental management system in place.