This standard aims to provide a safe workplace for employees and visitors. In the process of achieving these goals, it is extremely important to control all the factors that can provoke illness, injury and, in extreme cases, death. By mitigating the negative impact on the physical, mental and cognitive state of a person, ISO 45001 covers all these aspects.

With ISO 45001 becoming part of a business standard whether or not the organization has endorsed the standard, it is important that companies are aware of the specifics of the standard.

ISO 45001 provides for the reduction of the risk of production processes for the health and working capacity of the organization's personnel in order to increase the efficiency of the company.

It can be used in any organization, regardless of the type of activity or industry. The use of ISO 45001 ensures that management and employees of the company, as well as external stakeholders, are constantly improving health and safety at work.

What tasks can the implementation of ISO 45001 standard solve:

✔️ Develop an effective company policy in the field of occupational safety and health protection of employees.
✔️ Ensure full compliance with the requirements of labor legislation, eliminating the risk of imposing penalties by regulatory authorities.
✔️ Develop a system for monitoring hazardous production factors and managing production risks.
✔️ Get the maximum economic effect from reducing the number of downtime, reducing the cost of insurance payments, eliminating the consequences of accidents.
✔️ Increase staff loyalty.