ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems is one of the demanded international standards that provides particular confidence among consumers. ISO 9001 is a set of principles that enable every enterprise to improve the effectiveness of the control and management of system production processes. 

All requirements of the standard are universal, which allows organizations to apply them, regardless of the field of activity, form of ownership and type of products sold. They can be applied not only in the industrial sector, but also in highly specialized industries such as aviation or education.

The principles are compatible with other ISO standards, allowing companies to create integrated management systems.

Some of the main benefits of implementing ISO 9001 include:

✔️Suitable for both small and large organizations;
✔️ Better internal management;
✔️Less losses;
✔️Increase efficiency, productivity and profit;
✔️ Customer attraction;
✔️ Consecutive
measurable and controllable results;
✔️ Worldwide recognized standard;
✔️ Compatible with other ISO standards.